short sea container lines

The Tschudi Group has long experience in operating short sea container lines. Tschudi Lines was developed from ESCO Eurolines, the former short sea activity of the Estonian Shipping Company (ESCO), operating between Northern European and the Baltics. This liner activity led to Tschudi Logistics establishing Tschudi Lines in 2006 and the subsequent development of two successful short sea lines, Tschudi Lines North Sea and Tschudi Lines Baltic Sea.   Tschudi Logistics has built its short sea business from strong customer backing and a reputation as a dedicated, client-oriented team.


In October 2015, Tschudi Lines was sold to Unifeeder who will continue to operate these services on their short sea network in Northern Europe.  The Tschudi brand is strong within this market segment and services to and from Drammen, Norway will continue to be branded as Tschudi.  For more details of these services please visit www.unifeeder.com.





With its expertise, Tschudi Logistics will strengthen and further develop its non-liner related logistics activities, continuing to offer customized, competitive and efficient solutions with particular emphasizes on the Northern Regions, The Baltic and Former Soviet Union countries. Further, tailor-made logistic solutions for oversize cargo to conventional and unconventional destinations are offered by our project department.